Sounds of Less

Sounds of Less is a composer collective from Oslo that specializes in meditative, peaceful music. Make sure to follow us on Spotify!


Ethereal Beauty

Released Mar 26, 2021
Ethereal beauty is a very fragile, expressive track, with tender strings and soft piano. It has other-worldly qualities, and is perfect for the ending of a yoga session, a meditation segment, or any slow stretch segment that needs internal peace, clarity and simplicity. It can also be used for work, or simply be listened to for mental focus. The tracks explores the great "LABS" synths provided by Spitfire Audio.

Frozen Moments

Released Mar 12, 2021
Frozen Moments is a very delicate, fragile track with sensitive, sustained strings. It brings to mind moments of high emotional intensity in a condensed manner. The track is created with one of Spitfire Audio´s great LABS synths. It is perfect for yoga, pilates or meditation.

Arctic Yoga

Released Feb 26, 2021
"Arctic Yoga" brings you directly into the vast, icy landscapes of the Arctic. One can imagine an isolated environment, but at the same time this turns the attention inwards - towards the inner, personal journey. And above, in the sky, we find the astonishing Northern lights, the Aurora Borealis. This is made possible musically by multiple layers of sweeping pads, synths, and preparated piano. Into the Arctic


Released Feb 12, 2021
"Grounded" is a smooth, meditative track with focus on foundation. It is perfect for a meditative segment or yoga segment where you want to feel your "roots". It is a blend of quiet synths that helps you to really go into this focus and grounding.

Calming Waves

Released Jan 29, 2021
Gentle and calming waves with dreamy sounds.